Sunday 30 September 2012

Accessing Japanese TV and radio on the internet

When I first came to Kyoto, I considered for the longest time if I should get a television so that I could watch Japanese TV shows and improve my listening skills. But I didn't want to spend money to dispose of the TV set when I leave so I didn't get one in the end (yes, you need to pay to dispose of electrical appliances such as TV, fridges etc).
I also tried to tune my mobile phone to receive radio signals but could only receive the signal of one boring radio station.
Not too long ago, my school mates shared two websites with me where I could access Japanese TV shows and Kyoto radio networks for free.  I am sharing them here, if anyone's interested.


  1. Oh, thank you for the TV link! Did not know about this one.

    By the way, Radiko is not accessible outside Japan, so a few other websites where you can access radio online both in and outside of Japan:

    Listen Radio:


    And Simul Radio:


  2. 12-15-2012

    I'm having trouble accessing from San Francisco.

    The message is either "can't access SopCast" or "channel offline now".

    Any suggestions?



  3. thank you chan, i like to read your blog, Live TV