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Friday, 14 December 2012

Planning for move-out - Selling furniture

The time has come to think about moving out of my mansion. I have been seeking out websites where I could put up ads about the furniture that I am planning to sell. I have a bed, a foldable table and a chair that comes with it to sell, and a bicycle and some other household items to give away.

Tatami bed for sale.
Free items to give away - Green foldable chair, cushion, futon set.

Foldable table and chair set for sale.
Free bicycle to give away with any purchase.

Free electric iron.

Considering that my course ends in February 2013, 2 months just before the start of a new semester, it may be very difficult to work on furniture transactions if the new students who are potential buyers won't be in Kyoto until spring. 

In any case, if you know anyone coming to Kyoto to study and may be keen to purchase second-hand furniture items before February 2013, please help to point them to this ad.  Thank you.